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well I know you all know me for my today in history blogs but I actualy have nothing to do and I cant sleep and I figure if I let my brain throw up all over this blog I will get a tad bit of entertainment from it.

lets begin.

firstly just to comment on the shit that is going on on the ebaums blogs....spam is gay and honnestly its low and annoying and I know that who ever is doing it is going to spam comments on this blog but for the most part it can be spotted right off the bat and can be easily ignored.

as it turns out Scrubs is a fantastic show with a very good cast and I cannot help but laugh my ass of at the great humor that is thrown at me with every set of great dialog that spews from the i called it an idiotbox

hey a quick review for you would be that new alone in the dark for the 360,  it is the biggest steaming pile of sperm whale shit I have ever choked through 20 minutes of playtime. You wake up with the most headache inducing camera angles and blurr that its hard to get past the opening interactive dialog, it uses the havoc engine which is cool but they did not do it any justice because everything was put together horribly. I got through the first level with much difficulty and annoyance because things like picing up a fireextinguisher and smashing down a door while a building was burning around you and trying to save a guy who couldnt or wouldnt walk around the otherside of the wall to save himself because he wanted to go through the door so you walked around the wall that by the way was litteraly what you had to do to pick up a fire extinguisher and smash down the door but the controls would not allow that to happen and After it came to repelling down the wall as the builing was in a state of collapse...a very very slow collapse that if the control schemes were done correctly it woud have actualy been a great scinematic experience if the camera angles were placed in better positions so you could actualy see your character rather than through him as he walks down the hallway, and dont even get me started on the combat im getting a headache just thinking about it. So when it comes to this game skip it and go with a better survival horror like RE4 or Condemned Bloodshot, both are far better and you avoid the game that when you are finished playing it it feels that she suckyness the surrounds  this game just repeatedly bunched you in the mouth. trust me just skip it.


the intel quad core extreme processor is one bad mother


so I figure at this point I may as well go slightly political, I am voting for mcain, that mas is a bad ass, he was shot down before he was a POW in Vietnam for 6 years the story of what he went through was insane, he was almost killed so many times, he took schrapnel when a thousand pound bomb went off on the flight deck of the carrier as he scrambled down the nose of his jet and off onto the flight deck, he has had a lot of experience runing things and he is a no noncence guy,  I think his decision to have palin as his VP was a great move one the other past presidence should have done, firstly because she is hott as hell, i dont care who you are that is a gorgeous strong independant woman, and I know the male demographic went up in votes, she is a woman who is going to be in high power position, there goes the females votes, I mean seriously, I dont even know what obama stands for in foreign policy, and that he wants to tax big buisness, but this is capatilist America we are talking about that tax but on big companies will just be passed along to the consumer throughprice spikes and pay rate drops, so we dont win there. No other country is going to be scared of him because I dont see him showing the power of america off, I mean we are a strong country, we are a bunch of bullies and we know it, But we back up everything we say with some big ass guns.  I see mcain being the guy to be able to pul the trigger when the trigger needs tp be pulled, I personally dont want any hesitation when dealing with threats of any kind.those are just my initial thought on the matter and i havent even delved into the elections of ontries we are at war with right now or how russia is trying to intimidate other smaller countries and trying to re build the USSR. those are all other stories and blogs but those are like i said my initial thoughts.


have you ever gotten to that point that you are so tired you cant fucking sleep?

I have dealt with soe of the most retartd questions from people who are so computer iliterate it is not even funny. I posted a video called the website is down a long while ago and honnestly it is a good depiction, but seriously its great when you re trying to figure out why they cant see the screen when it turns out they dont even hve their computer plugged in or how people actulay thing that their cd tray is a cupholder. on the other hand I hate seeing people like that on the internet because of how unsecure your information truly is, identity theft is so easy anybody can do it, and war driving is a seriousl problem still today to buisnesses and homeowners. its hard to stop shit from happening but when you dont know how I guess its hard to know what is going on around you while you click everything on the computer screne then I have to return to your residence to fix a problem that you created only 20 minutes after I have taken my leave and fixed any and all problems on your computer because you cant pay for any kind of protection for your computer( no im not talking about the sperm guard for the keyboard) im talking about anti virus, anti spywayr, anti spam, ect. the list goes on and on.  but at the same time i cant comlain because that is how i make my living fixing the problems people have with their computers.and its great because eventualy all things fuck up, and then I have work.

Euilibrium was a great movie. Christian bale payed the part good,

So my city is now the murder capital of the world, we arent good at anything but murder in the 904 as it turns out.

so hey my plan worked and im actualy tired now so I am going to go to sleep now and I cant wait to see the kinds of comments I get tomorow. I enjoy both positive and negative because it lets me know that even though you hate my guts you care enough to let me know.

night all



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