Fuzzy's Flash Fiction

The day started out like usual , I got ready and started my way to work at the pizza shop, as I clocked in my boss asked me to meet him in the office, where there was another man with a long brown over coat, my boss looked at me and said this is detective Smith I reached out  to give him a handshake and as soon as my hand was out he slapped the cuffs on me, son you have a lot of explaining to do I asked him what did I do why are you arresting me, he told me that I fit the profile of a crazed sociopath that has been murdering people with a pizza cutter,


So there I was sitting in the down town interrogation room, as detective Smith stated sorry to give you the sour persimmons  but it looks like youre going to held here for 24hrs, I told him it was no problem, I have all the time in the world just not enough to live it all, after the long interrogation and 24hrs in a holding  cell, I was free, I went back home and decided to just relax, out of nowhere I hear a bing  sound like my oven timer  just went off, I looked inside and notice there was a pizza inside so I grabbed slice, and took a bite, it had a strange meaty topping on it that I couldnt recognized the taste, I opened my meat compartment of my fridge and noticed I had a lot of zippered bags with blood and meat inside of them, then I put two and two together, I was the pizza cutter murderer,  so I went back to the pizza and grabbed another slice, damn it  feels good to be free ,  

Uploaded 08/10/2011
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