Getting features.

First off, a lot of the features that end up here are from This site gives you the advantage of finding feature-worthy shit, but the disadvantage is that most the 'main feature uploaders' already know about it.

Also, I don't see the point of uploading through the weekend, these guys earn enough to not bother working weekends. To see how well this site does, just click on the 'get your link here' tab.

Another tip is to go to and see their features, but don't download from there, 'cause of the watermark. Best thing to do is copy/paste the title into Google and try find the same vid without the watermark.

If you see a good video on eBaums, copy/paste the title into google to see what sites they are stealing from ;) Having said that, most the 'top uploaders' try to change the title and that's why searching to see if it's duplicate media, finding nothing, uploading, and then getting a 'duplicate media' message from one of the admin/mods tends to happen.

OK, I could give more sites, hell, just inbox me and I can give you a nice handfull of sites with up-to-date stuff. (inbox deevo25)

My moto is: Share the knowledge.

One last thing, some people actually work hard at this site to make/reproduce/edit videos which end up in their own right unique. They know who they are, respect to you.

Uploaded 01/09/2011
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