Good morning Ebaum's

Ok so at work yesterday I hear people across the room talking about how there so busy and they can't get anything done but the whole time there chatting it up with everyone around them.  talking about there day and What there going to do tonight.  It's like "really come on can you be more hypocritical".  I sit in the corner and run the website and I get plenty done...why ...cause I shut my damn mouth and get shit done.   
   there is this guy "Joey" weighs about 600 lbs ...(no joke) and he just got back from vacation.  Which he was on for a whole week.  there are two guys that are supposed to stay till 530 everyday. Vince and Joey.  Well Joey just got back and yesterday he calls over to one of my guys (chris) and ask's "he chris can you stay till 530 , i have stuff to do"  chris told me he said to joey "dude don't fucking lie to me.  I understand if you want to leave cause your ready to go, but to say that you have important shit to do that you could do after you leave is bull shit",  I of course laughed
I was watching Teen Mom last night with my wife, and there was this couple on there, a fat guy and a pig face girl (that's what I'm calling them cause I can't remember there name's) but i do know they live in Indiana, anyway's, they are the worst parents I have ever seen.  this chick may be going to jail cause she hit her husband last season which made her go to jail the first time.  Now there after her for some reason and all she is worried about is going to jail not the fact that her daughter may not have her mommy around for a while.  Selfish can you say.  

and finally, I have training tonight, and for all of you who did not know I'm a mma fighter.  I fight 205. So I've been cutting weight like you would not believe.  Wish me luck in October  
Uploaded 07/20/2011
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