Good Old Red, mad at the world like usual

Honestly, has this guy ever posted a comment that didn't seem like he was mad at the entire world? There's a simple solution for you Red my boy, it is called getting laid. You really need to put your johnson to work. Your negative comments are just your cock calling out for help. At 47 years old, your cock should have seen it's share of vagina by now but unfortunately for yours, it has not. This is the reason why i think you are always mad at everyone and everything. You need to get that thing touched by someone other then yourself.

You stated you had a porn addiction in the past on one of my blogs and on that day i drew up this conclusion. You wish you could just get the chance to fuck something so you go into a fantasy world of pornography and frankly i feel bad so im here to help, not ridicule you more red my boy. How, you ask could i help you? Well it seems making fun of you has not helped in getting you fucked so im reaching out to other ebaums users.

Please people if we all donate a couple dollars each to our buddy Red, we could help buy him a prostitute to get his dick finally touched. Frankly i feel bad, not necessarily for Red but for his cock. His cock didnt ask to be put on such a horrid figure of a man. So let us help that poor thing out by all pitching in for a prostitute. Please Send donations to:

834 Redsucks Ave.

Hisowndick, NY, 10384

Anything you could send would help. Although i could afford to get Red this prostiture myself, it would be selfish to not let you all pitch in and help. So to Red's cock, we'll have you saved in no time little buddy, so hang in there!!


*Red, silly Red, you should have just stopped when i put you to rest the first time. Go back to face fucking your turtle and just leave.*



Uploaded 06/23/2009
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