Having kids.... who does that?

 So I was thinking about life's purpose, and I've come to the conclusion that it's simply to survive , reproduce, and fuck shit up. I might be wrong, who knows?  We all have our own opinion.


 What I ponder about is why people have such high expectations for their children, and how they'll turn out, completely oblivious to the fact that there's a good chance that you're only setting them up for disappointment. Really, they'll probably experience as much heart ache, and hardship as you - if not more, and that they will most likely not become very successful and will have to struggle through life just like you had to.   Why subject anyone to that?  How is introducing someone so innocent and naive to the world of greed, hate, sadness, disaster,   a "miracle"?  Why don't we think about it?  Why do we honestly believe that all of our children can grow up to be rich, smart, responsible...... better yet why do we tell them they will?  "You can be anything you want when you grow up"  ... I'm guessing aspirations to be an "astronaut, veterinarian and a ballerina" greatly out number the kids who say " I want to be an assembly line worker at a car part factory, an outbound telephone sales rep, or the guy who reads the gas meters."   I'll do the math and say that there's more assembly workers than there are astronauts, and even vets and doctors combined for that matter.


 I guess that's actually become a problem in a way.  I saw a couple specials on tv that discussed Generation Y and our expectations in life, possibly caused by the change in the way parents went about parenting. Interviewed employers said that members of the 'generation y' often expect better holidays, benefits, promotions, raises, and what have you, at a much earlier time frame in their employment than people of other generations.  Also, we are more likely to go into deep debt, thinking everything will be ok and work it's self out in the end.   So basically parents stopped hitting their kids because it was wrong, and then they grew up to gain the stereotype of spoiled, unrealistic, brat. 


 Should we start hitting our kids again?



Uploaded 06/17/2010
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