Anybody can account for a few bad celebrations; Christmases and New years and independence days that just, sucked. That being said, anybody can relate to what I'm talking about, because we don't all celebrate the same things but all cultures have a set of predetermined days when everybody gets together and does something special. The idea is to have a day when you step out of the usual manic pace of life and feel that way you did when you were young and full of wonder, but success in matters of gatherings are always a stress on someone, and that stress causes a schism to occur in whatever plans were made.  I think that tradition is a good thing but far too often tradition turns into dogma, and if you take something like enjoying yourself too seriously, then where is your joy? Not to sound melodramatic, but if your fun brings on harmful side effects, you probably haven't found out how to have fun yet. A lot of the world is finding it harder and harder to focus on finding heaven with all of the problems you encounter on a day to day basis, but it's impossible to blame anyone but yourself for failing to enjoy life regardless of how the world treats you. My God is named Jesus, and he has given everything he has to prove his undying love for everyone who will believe in his sacrifice, so when i think of the day he died and the day he was born, chocolate rabbits and a fat guy in red pajamas don't come to mind, my family and my meaning do. I say to anyone with faith, be a person that can believe and be believed in, and you may discover the eternal nature of existence,   not to mention the fact that God does have a name, it is holy, and there are things in this life and the next worth revering, let alone having faith enough to try and tell other people to trust what your'e saying. If anything I've said was offensive to you, I really sincerely am sorry, but this is the essence of what I think, and you were curious enough to read this far, so maybe try it out, maybe the fairy tale is real and we all live happily ever after. BTT
Uploaded 11/30/2012
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