Hey Everybody!

Well i doubt many of you remember me because i havn't been on here in forever but thought i'd stop by and tell a funnyish story that happend today since im really bored and avoiding writing a paper..

so we have this little play house in our back yard thats about 20 ft tall and 10 ft wide that my brother and i used to play in when we were younger. Obviously it hasnt been put to use in like 10 years and its basically falling apart, it even got struck by lightning so a part is blown off, and is probably home to a various assortment of tiny creatures.

well my dad decides to finally get rid of it, and what better way to do that than to just set it on fire?

i guess today seemed like a good day because it was drizzleing outside, and without even saying anything to me, sets it on fire. i was watching tv and noticed what i htought were really bad storm clouds outside untill i saw flashes of orange..and saw it.

so i ran and got my camera to record it in case something interesting happend. well about 2 minutes later, we hear the fire station set off the alarm (its about a mile or so from our house) so me and my dad just look at eachother and go uh oh..i litterally heard the firertruck sirens all the way from when they were at the firestation, untill they were coming down my driveway..we were fucked.

apparently its kinda illegal to do this sorta thing and they ran around to our back yard and left chard wood and pounds of the reminece from the fire extinguishers..and is prob an even bigger mess to clean up than if wed just torn down the house..

well they ended up staying for like an hour taking pics and questioning my dad..they said the worst he could get is criminal charges, but because he wasnt crazy about it and even took the siding and all the stuff that would hurt the enviornment off, hell prob just get a fine or even nothing..

i know its not that great of a story but it was pretty funny to me..i was going to upload the video but decided not too in case it could get my dad in more trouble..

hope you enjoyed it..

Uploaded 04/29/2009
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