High Vs Drunk Vs BOTH!!

Now most people have experienced being high before and the same goes for being drunk while a solid percentage of us have got to experience both at the same time. The real question is what would you rather be on a saturday night.... HIGH, DRUNK, OR BOTH !!!!!

Being high for most people involves a lot of laughing and just an overall good feeling. You'll find yourself watching nick at nite and laughing harder then ever at rosanne. You get the munchies and whatever it is you choose to eat, just happens to be the greatest delicasy ever. You could take 2 slices of bread, shit in the middle, toss in some lettuce, and youd be looking at a delicous shit sandwich that you would finish because your just so hungry for something. When your listening to music, it just got 100% more deeper. Souljah boy becomes the greatest lyricist in the rap game and when your buddy picks up a guitar that happens to be laying around, his skills are amazing even though a half hour ago when you werent high you were yelling at him to shut the fuck up. Unfortunately weed has maybe 2 effects that could ruin a night. First, you get the paranoia. Since your thinking about everything so much, you find yourself thinking about everything that could go wrong. Second, you kind of become anti social. You just wanna relax, chill, think, and laugh.

Getting drunk is quite fun. You get that i dont give a fuck attitude and everything is automatically funner. You could be playing chess and it is automatically a hit. Youll find yourself doing things you would never would do if you werent drunk. And when your drunk who knows where the night is going to end up. All women become 9s and 10s (except rosie odonnal, she stays at a solid 2) When you go to a bar and you first get in, you see that about 20% of the girls are on your radar. After 2 hours, your radar is malfunctioning because it's showing 105%. Being drunk with friends on a Saturday night always has the potential to create a story that your going to tell for years to come. But of course drinking has some negatives. First, theres always the chance for a hangover and completely ruining your next day (but sundays are supposed to be for relaxing so is a hangover really going to ruin your day). Second, getting drunk makes you feel a lot tougher. Suddenly, talking shit to the 7 foot, former proffessional wrestler bouncer seems like a good idea. This usually ends with you waking up sunday with a black eye or maybe in a pool of your own blood. And lastly, theres always the chance you wake up next to a monster. Theres no worse feeling then rolling over in your bed and you got this overweight, hairy woman next to you.

To conclude the argument, youve got the nights where you do both. Nothing is better then getting drunk and then taking a few rips from the bong. You basicly get the great feeling of being high on your body and the carelessness of being drunk. You feel like 400 billion dollars and nobody can touch you. The negative effect is that you might feel so good that you sense a need to tell everyone which theyll all find annoying because nobody cares how fucked up you are.

So in my eyes, you always got to get drunk and then get high. Lets here about what you would all rather be, HIGH, DRUNK OR BOTH!!!!!

Uploaded 05/16/2009
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