Hilarious situation.

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Note: this story is 100% true.


A friend of mine was at the store grocery shopping. He was standing there, minding his own business, and putting items in his cart. Just then, he noticed this extremely loud & obnoxious little kid running up and down the isle. The little boys mother just ignored him, and kept shopping. Why the hell doesnt she stop him? my friend wondered. But, time passed, and he eventually found himself in line behind the boy and his mom. So, he was standing there, waiting to pay for his groceries, when all of a sudden, the little boy jumps over and bites him on the hand! Ow! my friend screamed. The bite was deep, and he was bleeding. His hand started to sting in sharp throbbing pain. The mother of the little boy just calmly looked up and said, Oh my, Im so sorry. then continued what she was doing, as if nothing had ever happened. So, my friend, being the clever son of a bitch that he is, decided to get some revenge. So, he quickly made up an excellent plan. No, you dont understand! said my friend. I was just diagnosed with AIDS! You should go get him checked! then the woman screamed Oh, my god! and she dropped her groceries, grabbed her son, and ran out the door! Then, my friend chuckled to himself, and took his place as next in line.
Uploaded 06/18/2009
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