so Friday i ended up in the emergency room.. im not one to go to a hospital for every lil thing i feel wrong with me.. but this last Friday i was in so much pain i had to go.. so i spend a good 6 hours in the er.. doing ekg's cat scans and so forth.. fucking drs were like vampires....
for them to come back and tell me .. they think i have blood clots in my lungs.. 
right.. so how do i fix it.. there options they gave me was to go see  a cardiologist and all this bullshit .. but here i am on Sunday.. not feeling any better then i did Friday.. im getting worse and at this point im just i wouldn't say scared.. im just pissed.. like i refuse to go back to the er.. as it seems they wont help me at all.. just give me more Motrin and tell me i should be good..
 i have never in my life hated a place so much till i moved to new york an i cant wait till i can get the fuck up out of this place and move to Florida.. in the mean time i will just sit here feeling like shit and wait patiently for these drs up here to give me something to fix myself.. i really dont think its a blood clot.. all the reasearch i have done.. all my symptons do not point to a blood clot.. so this should be interesting...
well yeah im done ranting.. 
have a  good day! 
Uploaded 06/19/2011
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