Holiday stupidity...

Others have chosen to mention the holidays. Here's my take on the holidays, the major ones anyway....


Christmas...Everybody is nice. Why? Half of you fake it. The other half are sincere which is actually worse. It's the only time of the year you're nice! Why can't you be that way all the time? Why don't you donate food and sundries year round? If you only do it when it's expected then you fucking suck! 'Nuff said!!!

Thanksgiving...It should be called Dysfunctional Thursday. Some family member that you all hate gets too fucked up and makes an ass of themselves. Most of you hate it with a passion but won't fucking admit it. I hate it!!!

Fourth of July....We don't celebrate freedom anymore. We celebrate who has the most money to buy the biggest explosives! Which are all purchased from China you fucking morons!!!

Valentine's Day...Hmmmm...where to start? It's all about HER! Chocolates for HER. Cards for HER. Flowers for HER. I can't remember the last time my significant other got ME a goddamn thing for Valentine's day. It's supposed to be about love for EACH OTHER.......not just for HER! (Read into this what you will. Fuckers.)

Can't think of any more major holidays.


Negative Deunan ?????????????????????????????????????????????


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