How to Transition Your Cat to Healthy Homemade Cat Food

Healthy Homemade Cat Food - Many cats become junk food  addicts on commercial cat foods, especially if theyve been eating it a long time.  Just like its hard to give up our doughnuts, ice cream, and Fettuccine Alfredo for healthier fare, sometimes it is hard for a cat to give up its fatty carbohydrate diet.  But, transitioning to a healthy homemade cat food doesnt have to be difficult. 


We know that the homemade cat food is better and healthier for the cat but the cat food industry has perfected the art of making commercial cat foods tasty to a cat. Did you know that dry cat food is sprayed with animal digest, or the stuff that comes out of a dead  animals stomach, to make the kibble palatable? Greasy oils and fats are also added. 


Transitioning a cat to healthy homemade cat food can be done in a short time, if you follow a few steps. 


Here are some tips for the transition:

  • Begin by giving small tidbits of fresh food as a snack.  Many cats enjoy this beginning, and it gives them an opportunity to sample the fresh food without the pressure of it being the only option.


Try making fresh jerkies out of salmon or chicken and giving diced bits.  Find cat food recipes for moist treats as well as cat cookies.  Additionally, if your cat is sensitive to texture, it might be you need to try a purée.  Jarred baby food is a good introduction for many cats or make your own by placing a few cooked pieces of chicken, a bit of vegetable oil, and a tad bit of water in a blender or processor.  Process until fine and smooth.


  • Begin adding fresh cat food to the current diet. Sometimes this is easiest by using small meat chucks, cooked or raw.  Prepare your cat his usual meal, and add just a few of these tiny meat chucks right on top or lightly stirred in. 


When beginning to add the chunks, it might not be uncommon for your cat, especially a long-term junkie, to not eat them first.  Select meat chunks that your cat particularly appeared to like as a snack.  If the meat is cooked, try warming it up in the microwave before adding it to your cats dinner.  Warming it tends to help release odors that will entice your cat. 


  • As your cat gets to like the fresh cat food additions to his diet, slowly give more fresh food and reduce the amount of commercial cat food.  Dont go cold turkey and remove all of this commercial cat food, as many cats dont handle this drastic change well. 


Its never a good idea to wait your cat out.  In other words, dont allow your cat to not eat.  Make the transition gradually and allow your cat to adapt to its new cat food diet.  It may take a few weeks to complete the transition, but this will be easier on your cat and his gastrointestinal tract. 


Every cat can be transitioned  to a healthy homemade cat food fairly easily if you give it  time to try new cat foods and slowly incorporate them into the diet.  Give lots of fresh snacks and small additions into its meals before switching over 100%.  Lastly, remember to bring variety to your cats healthy homemade cat food by using different proteins to keep it balanced. 


To learn a bunch of cat food recipes for healthy homemade cat food your cat will be sure to enjoy visit



















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