Humanity still Exists

Seeing as how I can't afford a car, I walk to work. It's about a 20 minute walk both ways, so it's not too bad. It's occasionally uphill both ways, but aside from that, it's OK.

I was about to walk out the door to get headin'. I did my usual check as im sure most of you do before you close the door. Do i have my keys? Do i have my wallet? etc etc... Normal stuff. I realize i do have everything, lock the door behind me, and im off.

Work was a normal day. A small truck, just over halfway filled. The unload took about 4 hours (could be done faster... ill save that for a later blog) We cleaned up and took a break. I bought a soda, sat down for my 30, and we moved on to the rest of the day.

I punched out when it was time to leave, and walked home. Normal day so far. As i walk in the door and start emptying my pockets, I realize my wallet was missing. I went out of my way looking for it. I walked back to work, I want to the supermarket next door to my work to see if i left it there. I couldn't find it anywhere.

I jumped on my computer, cancelled my card, and all I could really do was hope nobody was off spending my money anywhere. I had a bit under 100 dollars in bills in it as well, so i expected to never see that again.

The very next day I find my wallet in the mailbox. I realized all my money was still there, as was my card, and a small piece of paper. It was a note from who the hell knows...

"I found your wallet outside on the sidewalk. I took 3 dollars for a bus ride here. Watch out next time." no name on it.

Rather than taking that money and fucking me over, some kind soul only spent 3 dollars of it to go out of his way to get it back to me.
Long Story Short, Humanity still exists in this world. If I saw a wallet full of money, I probably would have taken it and not told anybody. Just the fact that this person took time out of their day to get my money back to me without stealing any of it (aside from the 3 dollars) is just astounding.
Uploaded 01/17/2012
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