i don't know why i keep attracting these people

so the last time i blogged was about how my whore of an ex girlfriend cheated on me n how i stopped smoking pot and all that fun shit. well i started going to community college and i met a girl. we had a biology class together that requires us to make little fieldtrips to the coast to study the water and marine life. so we decided to car pool. I was flirting with her and she was flirting back so i got her number and we talked for a while. fast forward to the next week. i missed a couple classes and i didn't get to see her that week. then the next time i have class with her she's all over this fucking stoner. so i ask her what the fuck. and she tells me "he talked me into smoking and now i really like it. we're kinda going out now." a few days before she was telling me how much she hated people who do drugs. according to her stoners are drug addicts. now she's dating a stoner.

i'm a shy person and it takes time for me to get comfortable around someone. apparently i wasn't moving fast enough. i'm tired of bitches. she was really good looking too wtf.

i been getting As on most of my assignments so imma go smoke a blunt to celebrate and for the record i don't do drugs i smoke weed theres a difference.

Uploaded 10/08/2008
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