I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Bwahahahahhahahaha...  Not really...  I just took an ambien- the last ambien I had that I've been hording for months for the perfect oportunity to use it.  And that was tonight.  Of course, I thought it would be putting me to sleep, but instead, I'm sort having everything distort a bit while I look at it...  The screen has several layers, and I can see pixelation when I go really close to the screen.  The way the blues go all fady fady is kinds of nice.  Mellow...  It's making me tired.  BUt that could aslo be the prescription sleep aid that I had been saving from the bottle for a night when I'd get my bed to myself again....  I think i'm gonna just strip, then curl up on the organic beechwood fiber sheets wiht the white tiger mink blanket over me to make me warm...  And i wans music...  Good music...  I like sleeping to music...  Makes for awesome dreams....  Hopefully I can remember them tomorrow...  I'm gonna go drink a little wine now to make em go from being half congntative, to coma patient.  Cheers all you Ebaumers!

Uploaded 07/31/2008
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