I fucked my cousin

        I couldnt help myself, i supermanned onto the bed and started to thrust my pulsating cock into his tight little boy twat.  The great thing was, he made no yelps so made parents couldnt hear, he just breathed heavily.  We must've been going at it for a good 4 minutes before i released my cum deep inside his guts.  I still humped him(slower) for a full minute after i embeded my seed, just to get every last bit of spunk out of my man-pipe.  We were tired, so he layed on top of me and we kissed each other passionately for 15 minutes straight.  "I better get back to the guest room" he said.  I agreed, i could NEVER let my family know of what we did.

          Is this morally wrong?  I couldnt resist hot steamy sex with him, he was way too much.  Heres a description- he stood about 6'2" fair skinned, very athletic, muscular but not over-done. His eyes were baby blues and his hair was dirty blonde(almost a light brown).  If we werent related, nobody would care, it's perfectly normal.  But just because we are distant relatives, that makes it weird?  I must be missing something

Uploaded 12/07/2009
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