I may go on without him......

So listen to this shit......


 The guy I have been dating for the past year. Well compatibly we are great! I never meshed so well with a guy before. There is a huge downside( I cannot go into it because i respect his privacy) part of the downside is the lack of employment. Something needed to be cleared up until he could find a respectable job.

So I was accepting, I can hang in there. If Im not there through the rough times, why should I be there for the good. Fine, whatever

What really pops the pimples on my ass is this:

 Yesturday one of his best friends comes over, (one of 5 we hang with) And says he since my sister is in town were going to the beach tomorow. Wanna go? He says oh we cant She has work tomorrow both jobs. So our best friends says bro you just come with us. No big deal just my parents my girl my sister and her best friend.

Fine at the moment I said "take him".

I really try to stand behind my sleeping pattern, because of the fact that he does not work I had to take on a second job. So me sleeping is extremely important. If I dont my weakness shine through and my tables will realize that I am a raving bitch therefore droppimg my tips. Therefore negating the purpose of the second job.

Last night just as I was at the cusp of passing out for the night, this fucker walks in turns the light on and proceeds to start packing for the beach.

I was like "WTF are you doing?!" he said "packing for the beach", I said "now?! as I am about to fall asleep?" dickhead says "its 10 pm", I said " I dont care what time it is. I HAVE TO WORK BOTH JOBS TOMMORROW WHILE YOU LAY ON THE BEACH WITHOUT A JOB. DO IT TOMORROW."


Let me jump back a few hours for a sec. This inconsiderate bastard stood there around dinner time and told me " Boy I feel kinda bad you have to work both jobs and Im going to be on the beach without you." I said " well then stay home and find a job." " No the job market sucks in Aug. brian even said he was lucky to find a job this month."

really?! REALLY?!

 that why he sent you an email saying good luck bro and with 25 jobs attched to it.


Im a down chick, I realize there are hurdles in life that need to be jumped over, some higher than others. I respect that. But dont blantanly NOT look for a job. Im tired of this. I work hard and play harder. Im not going to do this anymore. I want someone who is going to work just as hard as I do. Not someone who is enjoying living off me.


GRRR those are my two cents. I want a refund cause Im broke.


Uploaded 08/20/2008
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