I smell bacon

The other night my brother was over my house and I drove him home at about 3:30am. Now you can drive from one end of my city to the other end and not see one car after midnight. Everything shuts down. My brother lived in the next city so I dropped him off and started heading home. I cut through my downtown area which looked like a ghost town. And I was making a turn when I saw a car in my mirror going pretty fast towards me. As it got closer I saw it was a cop. And I was waiting for him to just pull me over. Cause the way he sped up to catch me I thought I did something, but I didnt. It was clear he was bored and just felt like being a dickhead and followed me for 10 minutes. He was waiting for me to do something so he could pull me over. He must of saw me driving and was like oh yeah some action, lets go follow that car. Fucking pigs!! Go back to the donut shop.

And this other time I was getting out of work and was driving on a highway, when a cop car drove up the ass of my car with no lights on. And he tailgated me for atleast 2 minutes. Then all of a sudden he just sped up and flew right by me like a POS. I swear he didnt see my car cause the fucking dumbass had his lights off, and had to slow down fast. I wish he rear ended me.

Uploaded 05/03/2008
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