I Understand.

It was always odd to me how so many Americans on Ebaums were so anti religion. The very thought of God and religion really pissed off a lot of people. I, in my life's experience have never met a religious person I felt was bad, or malevolent, some were annoying as they tended to natter on. I never felt hatred or disliked a religious person, be they a well educated priest or a reformed junkie.

However, after viewing the video from Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church, I know why so many Americans are pissed at religious institutions. To think there are congregations of people who believe in that garbage is sick as much as it is totally ignorant.

Believe me, I in no way would support that kind of hatred, in fact if I lived there, I would fight it.
Here is the video that helped me understand your perspectives. I still believe in God, but I in no way have any respect for people such as Fred Phelps.

After listening to this guy I can see how hate can be an overwhelming emotion that could tear me apart. Thank God I'm insulated here. I really don't think we have anything like this asshole in Canada, I'm pretty sure our hate speech laws would put him in jail.
Uploaded 01/11/2011
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