This culture places so much emphasis on the individual and thier identity that it's actually a development stage to form one. A stage that is too early on perhaps. We have within us the lives we couldn't have lived because they contradicted. The people we never could be. Perhaps what we might become if we lived again. We ignore all of these save for the one we choose as our own. We leave them for the realm of imagination.

There is a shocking lack of flexibility and creativity in us that we supress the others. We are all many. There is too much that we want to be to simply emcompass one human life. Maybe some can't control it, and thier psychosis lets them out unchecked. Maybe that's why there is such a stigma.

But think of what could really be acomplished. The filter that one's sensaory input goes through is many times stronger then the simple information. We have the potential to percieve anything. To make our world what we wish. If we could think about what we wanted to be and give it a name, a personality, an apearance, a complete identity, could we step into that reality? Maybe it's that simple. Sit down and say to yourself 'I am..' then insert the name you chose and feel that you are that idenity now.

There is no need to be nervous or afraid ever again. There is no need to feel what you don't want to feel. give yourself a new identity and take it out when you wish. Say to yourself that you truly are this person.

Everything you feel is a choice. Not once, not long ago, right now. A choice of what you want to feel. Who you want to be. Every moment you choose fear. I know you do. You don't have to. This is your reality. Your senses, your reasoning, your conclusions, your perceptions. You can choose it all.

Uploaded 05/11/2010
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