Idiots in govt. want to give amnesty to immigrants

Idiots in govt. want to give amnesty to immigrants:


It is bull shit that those bastards in fed government want to give them stupid ass immigrants that come over across the border every day total amnesty.

This pisses me off! Why the hell should we let these ass holes come over here at all? I don’t want them here.

It is hard enough for the rest of us to get a good job here as it is. We don’t need illegal’s coming over here and stealing what few good jobs we do have here.

Anyway, there is a bunch of bull shit they want to do along with this, such as not making them pay back taxes.

Watch this and you will see what I am talking about here:

We all need to go out and protest this shit! That is your constitutional right to protest. However, Americans are becoming pussies! We need to do something about our idiotic government here. This shit is pissing me off!

Let me be president and not only would we have a big fence along the border, but it would be open season on all illegal aliens in the US. We would shoot them with a fully automatic (Mark 19) Grenade launcher the instant they even put one toe over the line and attempted or threatened to cross! Then people could shoot them at work or school (That is the very few that are smart enough to go to school!) or where ever you see them.

I would also make a law that you have to speak English in the US all the time, or you are going to be deported.

Go ahead and say it people, I am getting carried away with this one, but I don’t care. Everyone needs to grow a pair and go out and protest! Otherwise this bill will pass and we will never get our way and have a wall and send those illegal bastards to prison where they belong. Better yet, don’t let them come here at all!

People are always complaining about terrorism. WTF? Don't let them come over here and we will have less terrorism. It is too easy for them jack asses to come here to the US.

Uploaded 10/14/2008
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