Idiots.  That's the first insult that comes to my mind.  Fucking idiots.

A stupid fucking idiot is a person who hits someone in the head twice with a shovel, and then assumes he's dead and leaves.     
  Don't laugh... don't move, play dead.   I can hear them fumbling with the back door, that lock always gave us trouble...  It seems like an eternity, I need to examine my head right this minute... but I can't.   They are still on the property as I can hear her father in the garage yelling something about his truck... don't move a muscle, just wait it out...
Gotdamn, how can I be so lucky?  Finding she was still living here, by surprise, and getting to send her a nice package, was a great streak of luck and a good story, but not for now.  Hearing her in my house, and now being mistaken for dead by dim-witted country idiots who have never watched a horror movie in all their life, is pretty damn lucky also.   I always loved this place for how stupid everyone was and how much I could get away with, while the straw dangled from the mouths of the inbred sheriff and tooth-missing witnesses.

Once I heard his truck sling gravel as he left in a hurry, I pull myself to my knees.  I touch the back of my head, wet and sticky like the inside of an apple pie... can't worry about that too much now due to the smoke filling the room.  Those fuckers set my house on fire...
  I run, as best as could with a pounding head and wobbly legs, upstairs to grab a few essentials before escaping off the lakeside balcony.  I have to be careful as they should be rounding the lake back at her house now, where I will surprise her and her father again.  I have to plan this out carefully, as I still want her to be around tomorrow when the mailman drops off her gift from me.  Tonight will be all about her father.  That bastard...   I head to the boathouse, knowing there was always a stash of snorkels and swim gear.  My plan is to swim across the lake after I have had a chance to assess the situation with my bleeding dome. 

In the boathouse I try to gather my thoughts while looking for some bandages.  The first aid kit is rotted to hell and contains no useful items to facilitate the help I need.  I settle for a T-shirt from with my travel bag and cut it to wrap around my head for the time being.  Maybe swimming would not be the best option.  I can walk.  No more than a mile and a half around the lake, I can do it.
Oh this will good.  The next few hours will hold more tragedy than she or anyone in her family has ever known, and the fun won't stop there, it will continue on through tomorrow after she gets a delivery that will change her forever, and not in a good way.  Tonight is not about lies, or sneaking off to do untold damages to innocent people.  Tonight is about someone I used to love, who took my mother away from me.  Tonight is about a foul revenge as she watches her father get tortured and killed right in front of her.  Tonight is about brutality, which they have shown no hesitance is delivering to me, twice now.
I start my trek around the lake and maybe 600 yards down from my boathouse I see a woman.  A scantily clad woman, in the woods... In the woods?    She is gorgeous, wearing a white sleeping gown.  She is smiling at me, as I stop dead in my tracks.  Did she see what happened?  Is she a witness?  Is she related or working on their side?  So many questions burn through my throbbing head.  It starts getting warmer and she takes off her top.  Holy shit, I am seeing titties in the woods.  Titties, gotta love titties... but... why?  What the hell is going on here?
A second woman steps out from behind a tree.  This one is fully naked, maybe 20 years old, slim blonde number you would see on the cover of one of those teen magazines, and yes, of course, more titties.  I stumble and almost fall, sweating, trying to figure out a way around this without losing my cool.  More women appear, and more titties.  I want to enjoy this but feet are killing me, and I have to sit.   I get dizzy and fall over on under a rotting Pine tree that seems to envelope me while letting more and more tittes into my field of vision.  I blink a few times... getting weaker.  It is near 3 or 4 in the morning, and I cannot explain this even as I try.... wait...
I reach up and feel my head as a surge of pain rocks through my body, and don't feel anything.  I don't even feel my head.  This can't be right.  I can't turn my head, and now my right arm is moving and I finally feel the back of my head with my right hand. 
  A mess.   I am laying in my living room again, touching a destroyed piece of skull and lots of soft jelly and bloody bits, that can only be my brain. 
My feet are the first to start burning as the floorboards give way to massive heat that the fire in the garage has gifted them.
  The entire room is ablaze as I feel my legs burning to a crisp, and without the ability to move at all, I am screwed.  I can smell the flesh and what seems like even the bones start to burn as try and try to scream but can't.  I can't move anything but my right arm, with keeps falling upon more burning floor.
I can't believe it's going to end like this.  I never got my... burning oh jesus... oh holy hell I think I might deserve this in some sick way.
As the pain starts to fade to blackness, only one thought enters my mind... and I die with a smile... thinking...
Tomorrow she gets a delivery.... tomorrow she will see what I had put together for her...    See you soon sweety... and we can continue this elsewhere...

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