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Now I am not that racist, but only towards niggers, I do not mean blacks, but niggers. Here is my definition of the two.

Nigger-loud, stupid, calls everyone "racist", wears pants the way they were not intended, refuses to pay taxes or support family, in gang...ect

Black man-average, has job, good wife, if poor makes the best of it, sees that not everyone is racist, honest, does not steal, not loud, wears clothes that fit.....ect

CrackRockJack is a fitting example of one, he is dumb, calls people racist, and is probable obnoxious. He brags of how blacks get all the white women. Ha all you get is are fat, nasty, slutty leftovers, nothing special. You should not play the slave card either because first off that was a long time ago and second, the blacks your defending sold y'all to white people in the first place!

I have a couple of black friends including a black brother and law, no problem with them, but its people like you that make your race look bad. So just stop reinforcing your stereotype and do something with your life; for starters and education, and proper teaching on how to be a citizen of society, instead of a menace to society!              
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