Inauguration and WWIII

       I didn't get a chance to watch the inauguration on television but I saw bits and pieces of Obama, and a massive security brigade riding down the DC streets.  So in order to write this thread I went to Youtube and found myself watching videos for about 30 minutes.  First off, how badass is that limo nicknamed "The Beast"?  Equipped with pump-action shotguns, nightvision, and Obama's blood in case of an emergency transfusion;  all protected by heavily armored steel and bullet proof windows capable of stopping armor piercing rounds.  

       The more I watched videos on Youtube, the more nervous i got about Obama's upcoming presidency.  There are many racist and nationalist nations out there that would love to test Obama but thats not what scares me the most, its the inexperience.  There are hundreds maybe thousands of videos on youtube that try to scare people into thinking there will be an inevitable WWIII under Obama's canidency.  With our economy in the dumpster and our massive investments in foreign products it seems more likely.  I don't think there will be a WWIII anytime soon but I do believe that Obama and the US will be tested, just ask Joe Biden.  I'm not trying to scare anybody because more than likely nothing will happen!        

     The turnout on Tuesday was unbelievable as was the voter turnout in November.  There was also an incredible amount of security there, but that is expected and needed.  Well thanks for reading and see yall soon.

Uploaded 01/21/2009
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