Ok this is all unreal of course but nice hypothetical situations to think about. I am a big Doctor Who fan and zombie fan   but i think the worst invasion the earth would face is the dalek invasion. Zombies would be scary but there are too many ways to kill them and keep them at bay if we are smart about it and manage to catch it early on. Borgs would be more difficult to deal with but if we are dealing with the Borg then that means we are refering to the future hundreds of years from now and if it is anything like Star Trek then we have a chance of beating them s we have seen time and time again. Daleks are a whole different thing, if any one has seen any good Doctor Who then they know how dangerous and brutal they can be. Their technology is far advanced from the Borg and a million times smarter than a Zombie. They dont want to assimialte anyone  just destroy anything that isnt dalek. I have read some blogs about daleks  v.s. Borg and even trekie fans say that daleks would beat the Borg hands down.   Post your own thoughts on this or your opinion on the worst invasion the Earth could face     real or not.

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