Irony and Iraq both start with an I.

Let me start by saying I do not, nor did I ever, like President George W. Bush. I think he is an idiot. He didnt have the balls to go to Vietnam so he created his own: Iraq. Every time he talks I cringe and think Fuck. Stop talking. Youre embarrassing me in front of the world. And while he is trying to spit out a complete sentence he is leaning on the podium! How fucking lazy are you?

So, when I saw the journalist in Iraq through his shoes at President Bush I had mixed emotions. On one hand I thought Where the hell is the Secret Service? Stop him! Hes endangering my President. But on the other I thought Isnt there a new episode of Stargate: Atlantis on now?

And then it hit me.

Irony, in all of its shiny glory.

Here is an Iraqi who a few years earlier couldnt even SAY anything against the Hussein Regime for fear of him AND his whole family disappearing in the night, being tortured, and then buried in an unmarked mass grave. Then a few years later this guy insults President Bush in a way that would make, if done to any other Iraqi, scream for blood. Showing the soles of your shows to someone is an insult. THROWING them is even worse. This guy finally grew a set and USED them. If there were more people like him years ago our troops would be at home where they belong.

I understand the world hates President Bush and by extension the American people. But, dont be a fucking hypocrite about it. These people can do things now they couldnt even dream about years ago. Yes, war is hell. Yes, innocent people have died on both sides. But they couldnt exactly VOTE Saddam out of office. Even a Civil War would have been bloody. You cant complain about a situation and then when it changes in the only way possible condemn the people who facilitated the change. The Iraqi people dont want us there. Fine. I understand. Bring our troops home and let Iraqis deal with Iraq. Bring the troops home.

They dont deserve to be there.

The Iraqis dont deserve for them to be there either.

Uploaded 01/13/2009
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