Is it just me?

I don't know if it is just me or small group or the entire world, but how many of us really hate angie111. She is a whinning little B**tch who thinks she's tough shit, and when her plans to try and hurt us back fire she complains and whines. I am seriously getting sick of her and I want to wring her neck.

       Yet for some reason it makes me wonder, is she just a bunch of bull shit, low life, cock sucking wh**e who lies her a** off. Or is she someone who is actually doing this to people and going through what she says. Is she doing the spelling shit on purpose or is she that fucking blonde and that big of a bimbo? I am sick of wondering these things and I think she needs to come clean and show her true colors and stop trying to act out other people's lives. But we all know she is too chicken shit to do that, so I say to you angie111 from myself the idenities you stole, and most of the world.

Go fuck yourself, because none of us want to nor do we want to hear you bitch about your so called life anymore. Almost all of us are sick of it at or just fucking ingoring you. Get a life Bi***


Alright I'm done and I took my anger out on this ugly bi***. Anyone feel free to comment bad or good. Thank you for reading whether you feel it was a waste of time or something to comment on. I'm haley19 and angie111 is a wh*** welcome to ebaums fight blogs.



Uploaded 12/21/2008
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