It really does happen

I was sitting in court today waiting for the in custodies to be heard.  Most of the time it's the usual drunk driver, controlled substance crime or driving without a license or insurance.  Today was different.  First guy out of the shoot didn't look any different at first.  Maybe homeless or just lacking in general hygene.  The judge asked if he wanted to plead guily or not guilty.  On advice from his public defender, he plead guilty.  If you plead, you have to admit to what you are being charged with.  At this point, I noticed that no one was saying what this particular person's charges were.  Not unusual on a busy day.  Sometimes minor things get skipped.  Anyway, the judge finally asked if he admitted guilt to commiting a lewd act.  (The courtroom perked up at this point)  The man said yessir.  Judge then asked if said act was commited on a dog.  (courtroom snickers as a group)  Once again, yessir.  This sick dickhead tried to have sex with his sisters dog.  Now I realize Golden Retrievers are a very pretty breed but c'mon.  Guy got 90 days. 


Uploaded 11/25/2008
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