It was 4-20

It was 4-20 and we decided to throw a sick as get together, we made a run at the local market came back with booze and food, so we start to drink, i was young back then 16, i started taking shots of everything, vodka, brandy, tequilla, mind you this party was all done tastefully in the trailor home of one of our close friends, he decides it would be a great idea to get on top of the roof and drive some golf balls into the adjacent trailor park, sounded like a good idea at the time so you have 4 people on top of a trailor taking turns launching golf balls, next thing you hear is the sound of broken glass a hick yelling at the top of his lung " WHAT THE FUCK " so we all go into a panic, people are trying to get off the roof and back into the trailor, me being fucked up from the shots decides im going to jump fuck it ! "WHAMM!!!! i landed feet first but my knee gave away and it forced me to dive head first into the wooden fence causing splinters to nicely lodge into my face,


im in the trailor now, and everyone is still drinking i grab a bottle of vodka and head stright into the bathroom to remove the splinters, as im chugging vodka, my stoner friend is in the bathroom, with a bag of pot and a home made water bong, i start taking out the splinters and this guy ask he man want a toke, i take another chug of vodka and friend tell me " ok man what you want to do is submerge the bottle in the water then tighten the cap and slowly start lifting once you got your hit open the cap and press down on the bottle, that shit shoot right into you man " so i do but i dont realize how much of a hit i took, so as im holding it in i black out and fall hit my head on the fucking toilet, when i came to my senses, my stoner friend is kicking me " wake up man that was some harsh shit bro" i ask him what happen he tells me i black out and hit my dome on the shitter, so now my face completely is in pain, i go back to the living room and start drink again, by now im fucking out of it, and im fucking hungry i ask what do we have to eat, the moment he was going to open his mouth, i told him to shut up and im going to make pudding, which i did instant fucking pudding but instead of adding milk i added Tequilla which actually was a good mix, everyone was like wow man this shit is awesome, i made a large batch of tequilla pudding, we continued to drink and eat this awesome treat, when i just got the worst feeling of my life, i need to hurl, i ran into the bathroom and i fucking blew chunks everywhere, in the sink in the toilet in the bath tub, i had to clean that shit up after i was done, that was horrible, so i want to apologize to my friend i realize he is nowhere to be found, i go to his room and its locked i get a running start and just juggernaut rush the shit out of the door and it opened up and i noticed my friend was banging one of the sluttiest chick in school he jumps up and she dives under the blankets and i start laughing ! and leave the room, after that i decide im leaving the party.


i call my friend and he picks me up and we had over to taco bell, where i meet this cute chick that was working there, she looks at me and says are you fucking drunk i tell her hell yeah i am, she says ill hook you up, just pay for the drinks and everything else is on me, she made us 10 hard tacos and 10 soft tacos, i asked her if i could get a order of 7 layer nachos and she response with ' What the fuck , you like that shit, it doesnt even got meat in it" and i had to make a sexual innuendo, " so you like meat" and i kiss her on the cheek, she turn to the brightest color of red i've ever seen, i ened up going out with her the next day ,


moral of the story is get fucked up and enjoy life, something good might come out of it !

Uploaded 07/28/2011
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