it's the little things......

finally got a day off from work(sunday) and took my kids and some of his friends to Main Event for his birffday. he turned 10 saturday. they all play baseball, basketball, and football together in the same leauges so they are around eachother year round, acouple since age 4, so it's like they are brothers. i don't remember being that much of a dick when i was that age, but my mom has told me otherwise. later that night we went to my cousins kids birffday and alot of the fam showed up. me and my cousins used to be tight growin up cuz we all lived around the same areas, and all my life at certain times, my whole family has lived with us. i have 8 aunts and uncles and almost all have kids. but its been a long time since we all hung out and seeing them(i'm the oldest) growing up is fun. when i come in here and read certain blogs it reminds me of how fragile my reality is and how much i do take for granted. it's normal i dont feel bad for it cuz if you spent every waking moment thinking about how much you treasure everything you have you wouldnt get outta bed. i got 8 more years to try to mold my boy into a human who isnt a waist of organic material, and 11 with my girl (7 and already need a training bra, i wanna die). yea, i'm a little nutty but i do realize that time waits for no man(or woman) and that if you dont seize the moment when it happens, you cant ever get it back. life isn't on dvr.

Uploaded 12/01/2008
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