Jackass FANS: Jackassworld

Okay I'm going to start off by saying this is not spam I'm just doing this cause I made a group for people who love jackass. So I'm guessing its not spam but whatever.

Now to start off with what I wanted to say Jackass launched a site called Jackassworld . com

and yeah they need to get lots of members or else mtv will cut their budget off. Since I loved Jackass since day 2 & I made a jackass group I believe it is my duty to tell you people to go to jackassworld . com that word is a full word no spaces or dashes just jackassworld. Its awesome they upload stuff everyday.


Sometimes Johnny Knoxville comes by and they have live shows every Wednesday like today at 4:20 but at there time in california. So if you live in like ny lets say than it starts at 7:20 so yeah go visit jackassworld its awesome every crew member hangs out there I hope everyone will read this and not say nothing bad cause I'm a nice guy and like to be cool with everyone.


By the way Jason "Wee Man" Acuna is going to be on celebrity circus on NBC tonight at 9:30 PM so yeah watch him he's great and vote for him which is also gonna be live don't vote for those other people on the show. Wee Man is impressive since he's small and its cool how he does it.


So go to you know where to go for jackass if you love any of the members like Johnny Knoxville,  Bam Margera, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey, And Dave England. Than go visit the website and watch tonight on NBC at 9:30 pm.


If ebaum or any other staff member sees this and wants me to take it down just message me if you want to because I don't want to cause and trouble and stuff like that.

Uploaded 06/18/2008
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