Jesus Vs Adam

Sorry this has taken so long. I'm like you. I procrastinate.

The story of Adam and Eve was told thousands of times before it was committed to paper and ink. And it WAS a commitment to write it down.

Think about it 2000 BCE The first time you heard the story was from some weathered, old man. He told the story in detail. He had to. He had to keep the listener's attention. You went home and told your friends what you heard.

Those friends had questions that you couldnt answer, so you referred them to the old man. Your friends might have traveled for days before they arrived at the epicenter of the region. (This better be worth the trip.)

They found the old man telling the story to a gathering of people. Your friends fired off those questions at him and he answered them with ease. He gained a meager contribution and the hopeful promise of new followers.

The old man learned the story at an early age. Repetition allowed him to hear and learn the story verbatim. He had heard all those questions before too. He KNEW the answers, and gave them freely. There were no contradictions. And if you could travel back in time four thousand years, you could see that old man was accompanied by a young boy who was learning to preach the story himself.

This was how the story was given to the masses. It wasn't very proficient.

Somewhere in history men learned the written word. The system of oral transmittance had to go to the wayside. (Several speakers lost their jobs. It must have been a recession.) This was most proficient, but much less interactive.

Now think of that commitment of paper and ink. That oral system is gone, and now the story tellers are giving this information to ANY literate for translation. There are no means to answer questions. (Ya think footnotes and literal translations were big ideas back then?) The details have to be omitted to prevent the questions. This happened over time. It was learned that details caused questions. And this lack of detail is what we see in the Bible.

"The Book of the Cave of Treasures" tells the story of Adam and Eve in full detail. The earliest known copy of this book was written about 600 years after the death of Jesus. Well, that sucks for me because now I am left with only a theory. Here it is:

The Bible tells, in SUDDEN detail, the story of the death of Jesus. It reads," The third hour", "The sixth hour", and "The ninth hour". What other reason for this detail than influence from earlier, known texts?

The best example we have is "The Book of the Cave of Treasures". Even at 600CE, it must be closer to the original story. (Writers from as recent as the 19th century have more in common with the earliest Jews than with modern man.)

I theorize this influence for the sudden detail of Jesus' death is the original story of Adam and Eve, and most particular, Adams death. It was important that Jesus' disciples equate him with Adam. This is due to the texts studied by theologians during the time of Jesus' life. This brings us back to The Book of Enoch, and the promise God made to Adam regarding "The Son of Man".

The Son of Man is another reference that helps this story accomplish full circle. My theory is just that. The reason for the sudden detail is to give credence to and orchestrate this story for posterity.


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