Know Your Parties: Stache Bash

by Geoffrey Stanton


Look around you: Mustaches have made a serious comeback. You might as well don a pair of sepia-toned glasses, because no matter where you look, you're bound to see men in their twenties and thirties sporting old-school 'staches that make them look like they've just stepped out of a 19th Century photograph. It seems that peculiar styles of facial hair that have laid dormant for over a century are once again beginning to dominate the mainstream. In fact, I was recently run out of my hip Brooklyn neighborhood and exiled to Queens after my neighbors realized that my inability to grow a thick, curly mustache of my own was bringing down the average per-capita cool score of the whole block. True story!

With all the din surrounding a good set of whiskers these days, now is the perfect time to throw the ultimate hipster shindig: The 'Stache Bash. Get drawn into the fabulous world of whimsical anachronism with this fun and offbeat party idea.

The Concept

This one's delightfully simple--a celebration of mustaches in all shapes and sizes! Those lucky few who can grow a thick, bushy one of their own are sure to be the life of the party... but fear not, ladies and glabrous gentlemen! Here at Private Island, we've planned for everything.



The fun of a 'Stache Bash is that, like all good parties, it doesn't take itself too seriously. Instead of requiring meticulous preparation and exhaustive participation on the part of both guests and hosts, the 'Stache Bash can be thrown together on a day's notice and primarily serves as a fun ice-breaker. As I mentioned in my Know Your Parties: Rubik's Cube article, the ultimate goal of any party is for guests to have fun and mingle, so it's important to have a theme that works toward this goal rather than against it.

The Decorations


There are so many fun mustache decorations it's hard to know where to start. One quick and easy idea is to print out pictures of famous mustachioed individuals throughout history: Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan, Groucho Marx, Kaiser Wilhelm, Burt Reynolds, Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin--the possibilities are endless. Conversely, you could print out pictures of famous celebrities without mustaches and draw them on in pen. You know, sort of like you used to do in your high school yearbook, but with Queen Elizabeth instead of Mrs. Weiss the mean art teacher.



Another idea is to take a pack of our Party Mustaches (also available in pink), stick them onto drinking straws, and leave them next to the drink table. This is a simple and entertaining way for everyone to get into the party spirit, whether or not they came prepared!


For an extra little surprise, take one of our stick-on mustaches and attach it to the bathroom mirror at approximately upper-lip height. That way when your party-goers find they need to relieve themselves, they'll get one more treat. Plus, it'll be great for creating memorable "selfies"!

The Food

Food and drink are staples of any good party, and the 'Stache Bash is no exception. Though not an absolute necessity, it's always nice to see a party's theme carried through to the snack table. But how can you make a tray of food mustache-themed? Here are a few ideas.


The Food Face

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom used to bring you out a breakfast plate every morning with two eggs for eyes and a big bacon smile? Neither do I, but I HAVE seen it on TV. Making a mustachioed arrangement with your hors d'oeuvres is a quick and easy way of tying the theme into the food without going to a lot of extra trouble.

'Stache Cookies and Milk

Another relatively quick and fun idea is to buy a tray of cookies and a tube of black icing from your local supermarket, lay the cookies out on a plate, and use the icing to draw on any number of fun mustaches. Pairing them with milk works well because, in addition to tasting great, the milk creates a mustache of its own!

Going All-Out

Whether you're an avid mustache enthusiast or just an all-around overachiever, sometimes you just want to go above-and-beyond for your party. If you feel like giving your 'Stache Bash a little extra 'oomph', I'd suggest you pick up a set of mustache-shaped cookie cutters or sandwich cutters and get busy. Sure, it's a TON of extra work compared to the other two ideas, but your guests are sure to be impressed (and maybe even a little unsettled) by your dedication to the theme.

The Ice-Breaker

Now, let me preface this by saying that I'm not a die-hard fan of party games over all. More often than not, they feel like a forced method of interaction, and can end up stifling the party atmosphere rather than helping to cultivate it. That being said, a well planned ice-breaker near the beginning of a party can really help to get things off on the right foot. Here's our suggestion:

"I Mustache You A Question" / "A Close Shave" 

This is basically just truth-or-dare with a little bit of a mustache spin on it. When it's your turn to pick, select an individual and say to them "I mustache you a question", at which point they can either agree or respond "I'd prefer a close shave". At which point, you can propose a dare for them to complete before moving on.


Well, there you have it, folks! I hope from the bottom of my lip that your party's a smash. Stay tuned for more great party ideas from Private Island!

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