Knowing a second language kicks ass.

*Note:  This won't be one of my better blogs considering it was inspired from ugdorks McDonald's blog*

I'm sure we've all encountered one in this f******d up world we live in.  You know, the guy who likes to fuck with you by speaking in a language other than English?  They're usually Spanish and will do it at inconvenient times i.e. drive-thru windows, business transactions, etc.  The logic behind this is that you both know english, but you don't know the language they know, so why not have a little fun huh?  Oh it's satisfying getting back at them.

Here's some background, I know a smidge of German.  Yeah, the "SIEG HEIL" Nazi language Kaustic's dog speaks (HAAAAAAAAAHH).  And over the weekend, a Hispanic (I'm being nice) I know from my church decides to pull the "Look, I know a language you don't" trick.  I think he said something about my mother....I'm not sure though.  But without missing a beat, I immediately retort "Oh hallo, wie geht's?  Meine Kartoffel ist sehr HieB fur dich!"  (you get brownie points if you know what that says).  He just looked at me, called me a douchebag and walked away.  If there was one reason for learning another language, it's moments like that that make it all worth the work.

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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