Late Night Affects of Marijuana

There is much controversy in my state right over the legalization of bud. It is a drug, it must be bad, right? So despite the fact the govn't  has given thousands of patients medical cards, and taken all their money, now you won't let them buy or sell to each other.

Seems a little backasswards, doesn't it?

So here it is, all the bad evil consequences harbored by pot...
(Let me just say this: Kids bewared, this shit gets crazy)

It all starts out with my eyes. Burning as the thick blunt smoke traps itself between my itchy, watering eyeballs and the manufactured frames on my face.  My eyes wander, looking at strange things and with fascination. Some so enticing that I cannot help but gawk like a wide eyed child. Sometimes they find things so ugly and repulsive my eyes find an elegance, or beauty even amidst their filth.

I like to walk until I cannot remember where home is. Adrenalin pulses and shoots through my feet and heals, making my muscles expand and contract like an unused rubber band. Do not be confused, I am under no allusion of Super Hero qualities.

Awkwardness generally bestows my feet, forcing them to stumble and trip with each ungraceful step.  Occasionally I'll trip or walk into an object, and they retaliate with a scrap or bruise.  Those bad boys last 1-2 days..OUCH!

Loud music with strange beats make my ears sing out in joyful bliss. As the bass rattles and screeches, causing my body to convulse deep into my lungs.  Sometimes I feel as tho my stomach might slip up my throat from the intensity of the quake, but it never does.

My hips feel funny as they sway back and forth to sounds while creativity buzzes and swarms throughout my mind, body, and words, then swim out of my limbs and finger tips until finding their perfect outlet.

From time to time, my mouth swells and I become tongue tied and scrambled.  Telephone conversations are always uncomfortable under the influence.  This is not because we are worried the telephone will take life of its own and eat us while the walls spin, but simply, it is hard to listen to grandma tell you for a third time she won at bingo while you are trying to rip a bong.

I enjoy being numb- to sounds, thoughts, people, emotions...reality.
Everyone feels it, don't lie to me, life can be pretty fucking boring.

I constantly forget to stick by my word. Due to the memory loss?
No! Its due to not giving a fuck about what you are saying which I kill theses Zombies! I don't keep a date book, and my phone is always on silent because the ringer annoys me.

Kissing makes my lips orgasm, scratch that- sexual contact is by far my favorite hobby.
My tongue loves to explore and my mind wanders off onto the strangest paths and windiest roads.

Sometimes, I have mini panic attacks when my heart beats too fast. Every room I enter gets a little darker, spinning then occurs. Nausea has happened on more then one occasion, due to too much water that fill have filled my lungs. BUT MY THIRST CANNOT BE QUENCHED.

But the WORST side effect of THC is... I stay up way too late writing pointless, but luminous thoughts.

Uploaded 09/01/2011
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