Learning my lesson.

Yes I CailenMP actualy learned something that will prevent me from being as stupid as I was.

On friday night my friend Nichelle was spending the ngiht at my house. We went out for a little bit but then jsut came back to my house. We got the brilliant idea that we should drink. Before then Ihad never been drunk. Drinking isnt really my thing. Id have the odd drink wiht my family but I never got drunk at all. After over ten shots of appleton estates rum and one beer I was pretty shit faced because Im a massive lightweight. I will admit it was fun at the time even though I cant remember everything wich is pretty bad.

When I woke up in the morning I felt like total shit and had the worst hangover ever. I knew I was going to trow up at least once but I actualy ended up spending the entire day hugging my toilet. I couldn't eat anything without trhowing it up again ten minutes later. My head was killing me. And I was exaughsted. Eventualy I fell asleep on my bathroom floor and woke up in the afternoon and continued to throw up. I didnt sdtop until about 8 at night.

Let me say this now I am not glorifying what I did and what happened to me. I dont think Im grown up ebcause I got wasted. I actualy feel very ashamed. I dont think Im really ever going to drink that much ever again. I dont need alcohol to have fun. And I deffinately dont need bonding time with my toilet.

Uploaded 11/16/2008
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