Learning To Shred The Guitar With Lightning Speed In Days

There's so many talented musicians that have a great sound, but even though they play an instrument for years and have an amazing technique, never miss a note or they learned how to play by ear, they often don't play very fast. The reasons vary - from stubby fingers to the lacks of proper training. But there's a secret way to learn how to play lightning fast.

Before you scroll down to the step by step guide, be sure to watch this very brief presentation from the guitarist below. Watch it until the end (it's very short) and ignore the course he's offering you and the links he provides. You're gonna learn that stuff from me for FREE in a moment.

Did you watch it? If you didn't, there's no point in reading further.

So, you watched the clip and what did you observe? Maybe you already grasped the secret? No? It's quite easy to observe.

No? Okay, so here's the step by step guide:

STEP 1: Buy a guitar that's expensive (the more expensive, the better the guitar). To sound great, you need proper equipment. Be sure to buy a nice amp and a multi effect.

STEP 2: Learn how to plug the guitar in from the manual added to the multi effect.

STEP 3: This one's tricky, because it might take you a while to master how to play the guitar slowly. Be sure to either get a tutor or find guides on the internet. You need to master the following: alternate picking, string skip, hybrid picking, legato (translation from Italian to Retard: hammer-on, pull-offs, trills) and, of course, sweep picking.

STEP 4: Find a vampire.

STEP 5: Get bitten, but be sure that the vampire promises to feed you his own blood after he sucks yours. If you turn into a vampire over night, you're doing it right.

STEP 6: Learn the vampiric discipline called Celerity (it might be a wise idea to get bitten by a vampire from the Brujah clan, because they have that discipline in their standard set of abilities).

STEP 7: Play the guitar at the pace shown by the vampire on the clip.


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