Letemdangle and woodcock. A reply

I typed this up on your blog below, but it was waaay too long and somewhat hard to read without paragraphs and proper spacing.  So I wrote it up here.


I think the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks have been pretty much explained.  What happened?  A well coordinated terrorist attack resulted in several aircraft being hijacked with weapons that were easily brought through security.  Three of these planes were used as improvised cruise missles to impact both WTC buildings 1 & 2 and the Pentagon.  A fourth plane was forced to crash when passengers and crew overpowered the hijackers.  That seems pretty evident.  Was this a failure in intellegence?  Yes.  Was there a precident for it?  No.  Should people be held responsible?  Sure, maybe.  Should they be burned in effigy or lynched?  No.  They're human, not sage oracles.  It's even hard today to believe that it could happen here.


The reason I "attacked" you for saying woodcock is a great American, that God should bless him, and you'd like to join him in kicking ass is woodcock is obviously totally fucking crazy.  He believes in an impending American holocaust, 2012 is the end of the world, and CIA leprechans were responsible for the destruction of Manhattan.  These are not qualities of a great American.  Screaching your insane positions and flinging your shit doesn't make you a good American.  It makes you bugshit insane.  There is no explanation of these events that will satisfy woodcock.  In his mind, he is V for vendetta.  He screeches these bizarre opinions to get attention and will continue to do so as long as it gets him attention. 


My problem with you is that you vacillate between positions similar to his and back again to resonable sanity.  You say, in your Wake up America blog "The complete collapse of building 7 on 911 ! OOps! my bad" right after ranting about psychopaths and sociopaths and in the next one say that you didn't mean building 7 was part of a conspiracy.  In one blog you say "All the people surrounding Clinton's life of debauchery,  disappearing or dieing?"  Then in the next you say you didn't imply that Clinton committed murder by decree.  You've either got a bizarre split personality or (more likely) let loose your crazy ranting and then try to clean it up.  This is why your message to woodcock was disturbing to me.  It seemed that you were totally behind his message (asking God to give it blessings) and then you try to clean it up over here. 


Giving dissenting opinions is an American right and even an obligation to your country.  That doesn't mean that you should indulge yourself in vulger rantings.  In case you haven't noticed, many of our American brothers are not too smart.  For every person with an IQ above 100, there's someone with an IQ below 100.  That's how it works.  There are actually gullible souls out there that will look at "woodcockian" craziness, see the shakey and superficial explanations, look at the out of sequence and editted youtube videos, and think this insanity is reasonable.  That doesn't make woodcock a good American.  It makes him fucking toejam.  He intentionally stirs up inane bullshit to freak out the uninformed, gullible, and less educated among us to get attention for himself and feel like a big man.  He is fucking toejam.  He and people who encourage him make me want to puke.


I'm also REALLY interested exactly how you're not satisfied with building 1&2's collapses.

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