Let's Get Down To The Facts, Science vs Human Tragedy

No one can argue that scientific analysis, if properly done, is by so far the best method of answering any question. There are questions that science is not proficient enough, at this time to answer. Then there are questions science has answered and most people are either not smart enough to understand, have lives to lead and cannot take the time to study the data or just prod along with the pack. They must just faithfully follow whatever justification science comes up with. There also exists the strong possibility that science, if subjugated to political influences and monetary controls, will come to the wrong conclusions. History is rife with examples of how, whatever guides our culture, can be manipulated in ways that then control our actions. Yes, science is our best way to answering questions, but how many of us are scientists who have done the ground work, analyzed the data, built the models and come to the right conclusions? I assure you not many. Like two thousand years ago where most men dug into the mud for survival and followed the ruling class with little hesitation, we today are very much the same, it's just the coats we wear are of different colors and of different names.
Uploaded 07/23/2013
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