Liars and whores


Every day I turn on my TV, (which is every day) all you see are more lies spread by the whore house of the USA, WASHINGTON. It is all too easy to blame Obama but get real, he has less power than most politicians. Obama is nothing but a puppet for the liberal/conservative agenda and NO NO NO this is not news to me!  I am not talking about Health Care but rather the road to Health Care, this road is littered with so much bull shit a bull wont even walk in it.

The lies and bribery to mention but a few, just show the rest of the world an example of Coruption at its finest. I am 51 years old and for the first time I can say we the USA are a joke. We scream Democracy, hell we war over democracy and this is it? Lies about how "WE" will show the H/C debate on C-Span or the open bribes to states to win votes and yes it was done before BUT WHO CARES ABOUT WHEN OR WHO BUT I am talking about RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know this is not a good subject and some will make some lame ass excuse for the liars and whores on capital hill, you can almost hear the words already "well Bush or Regan did it too" as if that excuses it. I hope the American people are paying attention and when election time comes around, if you were in office then I hope you enjoy your retirement beause YOU ARE OUT OF THERE. I dont care if you are Dem or Repub you embarrassed us for the last time, you Lying, corrupt, bribing, pieces of shit.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 01/12/2010
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