Life Defying Adventures. Final Entry. Almost!

There are many adventures I would love to share, but at the risk of cluttering the blog section I'll make this my last one until I can remember some more hair raising misadventures. Actually, there is one more. I'll write if I get a request, but I'll wait if not.

In my last blog I mentioned the lack of security on construction sites during my youth. A couple friends and I managed to make our way into the construction phase of the CN Tower. We climbed the stairs to the very top. We were all wheezing by the time we got to the top. My lungs felt like they were on fire and I felt nauseated. After some time we located a door that lead outside.  With some effort we managed to open it. All around the perimeter a safety net was in place. I guess in case a worker fell. My friends and I decided to take the chance and climb the ladder that followed the radio antenna.

It was a cage like structure so getting blown off was not a possibility, but still pretty frightening. I was the first out, climbed about twenty feet. The wind was howling with painful high and low  pitched sounds. Everything around me was  like giant tuning forks vibrating from the constant winds. Looking down Mike was waving goodbye and closed the door on me. Prick! The exposer was getting to me. I climbed down and demanded they open the hatch. Nothing was happening and all I could hear was the building vibrating.

Looking down I could see some more ladders leading down and then some more  large safety net. They were just like the one on Center Island, about twenty feet down from me. Getting to the center of the tower was cut off from where I was. I jumped into the net just like I would do at Center Island. My stomach just about came out of my mouth when I landed, bobbing around in a giant fish net with the wind just about taking my breath away. I haphazardly made my way to an access point and got back in.

I was shaking like a leaf, but at the same time so happy there was a way in. My thoughts quickly turned to anger as I was trying to find those assholes, I came up with a devious plan. I quickly ran down the stairs as fast as I could. It was so much easier than going up, but I was still pretty winded from the experience. I went straight home ate, washed up and waited.

The police called my home to inform my parents that my two friends were in distress, that there may have been an accident. "No, no he is right here", my ever jubilant mom said. They confirmed the information and my mom went about her business.

Later that night my two friends came to my house to see me. I could see that they were still in shock, but relieved to see me.

After that experience, I never did go back to see the finished product.

In this picture you can see the base of the antennae. To the right the ladder I climbed down after the the door was closed. Below that  a smaller ladder and then a steel ring. It was from here I had to jump into the net. There was no access to the center from the ring location. 
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