Look out.....


Tomorrow I am going to Fountain Square in Cincinnati to join in on the tea party and I feel this is an American thing to do if you have a certain viewpoint. I mean we are not bringing guns only signage but that aside I found out today that I am now going to be a radical. Lookout who could have guessed that at my age I am going to enter the exciting world of being a radical and all of the advantages it will bring. Step aside you unworthy people here comes a radical and you know what that means. I only have one question what do radicals do and where can I do it at? I bet it will be fun do, you think I will get a card or maybe a secret tattoo? The important thing is I am sooo bad.... I am going to ask that you please don't start with the political crap this is really about labels and how useless they are because I am still a lovable good looking gentleman who would never start anything but I am willing to finish but does that make me a radical. Thanks Rollo for telling me.Thanks for reading Bohank
Uploaded 04/14/2009
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