Lost weekend

I travel for work and am home only on the weekends,  Home Friday evening, leave again Sunday afternoon,  so there are many obligations that I must try to squeeze into a couple of days. I was discussing this with one of my co-workers and basically complaining about the grind of trying to visit a different set of friends, fulfill social obligations, keep what's her name happy by doing activities that she enjoys, visiting my parents etc. Sometimes I feel like staying out of town just to get a break.

He stated that the solution was simple, learn to say no. You don't have to flat out say no instead you can defer the decision (maybe/let me think about it).  Quite a bit of saying no involves examining your own reasons for saying yes, guilt, sense of obligation, enabling etc.  I am taking this advice to heart and am doing absolutely nothing this weekend except what I want to do. Hell,I'm even dropping my laundry at the cleaners   (which out of respect for WHN) I usually do myself.

WHN " The lawn needs to be mowed, will you do it in the morning?" No let it grow, it will still be there

Dad "Can you come by and help me fix the door on the screen porch this weekend? It won't latch" No I'm busy, maybe next weekend or I can call a handy man.

WHN " I really want to go see Harry Potter and the franchise that wouldn't end, can we go this weekend?" No maybe one of our friends will go with you, I'll pay for everything

Friends (various) " Would you like to come over/go out for/have us over for/ a dinner/party/evening?" No/maybe.......

Sister "Can we come visit this weekend?" No I'm going to be busy

That being said what am I going to do? I've decided to have a Mel Brooks weekend and watch some of his classics:

History of the World Part1
Blazing Saddles
Space Balls
Young Frankenstein

I am going to skip The Producers and High Anxiety cuz I don't think they are as funny.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

To all of you out there overwhelmed with responsibilities or burdens, learn to say NO!

Pulling up Netflix


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