Love Tips

When you're young, all you can think about is hopping on, dumping your load, and hopping off then rolling over and going to sleep. 

Now, that's fine for one night stands as long as you have enough women in your area that you don't need to worry about return business.  But if you really want to please the ladies, there's something you need to learn.

Now a lady who's just after your money might want you to hop on and hop off so she can go out and visit her real lover, but if you're looking for the ladies to really want you, there are some thing you need to understand.  You see, a lady needs to feel special.  You need to take your time and make her feel like she's number one in your life.  She wants to be appreciated and desired for more than just what's between her legs.  She wants you to listen to her, no matter how much she mindlessly rambles on saying nothing.  Guys, you have to appreciate that if you really want to score with the ladies.

A lady doesn't want to be treated like a trophy.  She doesn't want you to run out and tell all your friends how you scored like you run and tell everyone how you got that 10 point buck.  Ladies don't like that.  You have to respect your woman, treat her right, and give her the loving tenderness she needs... kind of like this.

The next morning, tell her to leave.  When she gets mad because she doesn't want to and starts telling you what an asshole you are, tell her not to let the door hit her in the ass.

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