Making My Dad Leave

My dad often shows up at my place out of the blue. It didn't used to bother me too much. Oh sure it would startle me to walk into my place anticipating a quiet night of beer and porn only to find him sitting on the couch or out in the kitchen. My mom died and then he got sick and the transition was hard for him so I would just try to ignore the interruptions. Plus, to be honest, I liked having him there sometimes.

I can't bring girls home because I never know if he is going to show up plus he looks really bad lately and chicks get freaked out by him. I feel like a royal douche because sometimes I wish he would just pass on. As a son that's very asshole-ish.

His condition is getting worse though and he is beginning to become more erratic. The other day I returned home from a bud's house to find he had gone through all my old photos of Mom and left them scattered around the front room. He will throw things when I least expect it, scaring the hell out of me.

I can't handle it anymore so today I went to put my foot down. While I was driving there I felt conflicted because although he was making my life unbearable, I had put him through his share of grief in the past. Was it my duty to endure his antics?

I pulled up and walked through the gate hating how cold it was and hating what was coming.

"C'mon out, Dad," I yelled as I stood on my parents' grave, "You're dead and you know it. You need to pass on."

Then he was there and he looked bad. I mentioned that his condition was getting worse. He appeared as his body must look beneath my feet. Grey and shrunken. His clouded eyes angry.

"You're dead, you've BEEN dead for a long time. You are not for this world anymore. Go... Mom needs you."

His face became obscene, a demon's face and he raised up as if to strike me. Then he turned black and a foul smell enveloped me. "Get the fuck outta' here, whatever you are. FUCK YOU!!!!!" I screamed.

The blackness dissipated and my father was taken. By something. If there is a God I don't think my Dad's with him.

Happy x-ween, everybody


Uploaded 10/31/2008
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