Mars Landing Is A Hoax

Everyone who's not an idiot knows that the moon landing was fabricated. There's a shit load of evidence, especially the photos, where you can find such amazing flaws as the lack of exhaust flame on the shuttle coming back from the moon, or you could think logically and look up the facts like read about the Van Halen belts. The belts cause such radiation, the astronauts would fry when passing them.

But what about the Mars rover? Those are such awesome news. But wait, did they send the Mars rover into space? The newest proof shows they didn't. Look at the photo below.


Oh shit, are those people on Mars? No. That's the Nevada desert, where the Mars rover currently is. It's not on Mars, because the broadcast would be impossible, as studies show. It's another fabricated space mission. But why? Billions of dollars are being paid to NASA each year. President Barack Obama cut down their budget some time ago, because he knows it's bull shit. It's great to have a reasonable president, but even someone as just and noble as Barack Obama can't close NASA down or confirm their fabrications. That would put America in a very difficult position. Either way, if they feed you with more crap about the Mars rover's new amazing pictures, turn the TV off. They'll probably find the space emperor on Mars soon and fabricate some kind of a treaty, then introduce some new technology they have already invented years ago and sell it to people, who's gonna think they are buying space civilisation knowledge. It's always about the money with these fabricated space programs.

Uploaded 08/25/2012
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