Memory Lane.........

 The only thing I can say is my daughters have NO idea how lucky they are. Let me set the mood for you.......Saturday night and my dad has been into the cheap whiskey again and really the whole "cheap whiskey" thing has nothing to do with it because if you drink a gallon of good whiskey something tells me you can still be an ass. Soooo my dad has been drinking and my mom (smartest woman I know) has left the premises because when it comes to my Dad and his drinking its every man/woman for themselves. My mom gone and my two brothers have snuck out I am last to make his attempt at freedom but Noooo, my doom is pre written I will sit on the sofa because my dad loves an audience, and watch the festivities (damn my short legs).


My dad found out where my mom was at and the phone calls start "Kay, get home or the stove is going into the front yard" HA!!! she thought he was phone call "Kay, stove is in the front yard refrigerator is next" HA!!!  he is not kidding....... meanwhile I watch this whole thing going on and I am thinking, I am glad I stayed this is good. I look outside and see my mom drive by and NOW she believes. lol Time goes by and my dad calls again "Kay, hutch and sofa are next" oh shit where will I sit and watch the show?

 Manny many phone calls later my dad finally wears out and goes to sleep. Where you ask? Well on his mattress on the front lawn. lmao lmao I really wish I were making this stuff up but hell I just dont think you can. The next day, Sunday at church   lol just kidding, my brothers and I brought the furniture back in the house. To Quote and old country singer Ray Price "For the good times" My dad was an OK guy until his lips touched that bottle. I dont know what kind of baggage my old man left for my brothers and myself, but he did leave some damn funny stories.


Thanks for reading Bohank


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