Milady pregnant!

Who knew my little swimmers had the skill to knock up some fat bitch who treats me like shit 24/7!?

I guess it isnt so bad though. i'll have to drop out to support my new family. I guess that isnt so bad. I have a job lined up in california. so i'll just send the money back. She has cheated on me before, but she said that the old her is dead and gone, de-ad and gone... and oh, shes been travelin on this road too long(to lonnggg). haha.

but she said she'll never do it again. i guess it didnt help much that is was with my room mate. :(!! and im FINALLY recovering from the accident. I guess a twenty foot drop from a walmart roof on the fourth of fucking july can crack a skull and three ribs. but once im completely done, my doctor says i just cant really play sports anymore.

none of that is true, but i guess compared to that my real situation isnt so bad. i got kicked out so now i went to my grandmas forĀ a couple weeks while i get all my shit together. I'm still planning on going to hollywood to pursue my acting career. Which sucks when my whole family is telling me to not go for it and get a real job. its like a karate chop in the dick.

idk, i guess if any of you have any stories relating, do share

Uploaded 08/05/2009
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