Mobster flicks come to life

almost everybody watched scarface of goofellas and knows what Im talkin about. mafia guys are almost always italians and they are good at running a business. whats interesting that they have a set of rules and are very close to each other it more than just buisness or friendship. so theres a lot of people who are italian and act like they are mobster big shots when the only big shot is their uncle who runs a pizzeria and they are just punks

theyr uncle isnt in the mafia but you know that doesnt matter they speek with italian accent and try to act like they mean something in the syndicate, so theres this doofus that can go around act like an doochebag and thins people respect him because hes in the mafia thats obviously the opposite - they think hes a loser

so you probably know a lot of people like that, they watched a few mafia flicks and they try to look badass. its similar with some posers here like rednote or other internet bulies who act like they are tuff on the internet but I bet they are evrybodys bitches, take care bloggers
Uploaded 09/03/2011
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